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On this page you can download our software apps mp3TrueEdit™ and ‘easy Record and Trim™’.  Both are easy to use and fast MP3 and AAC* audio editors that, above all, allow you to make all your edits without losing any quality.

These apps are available from the Apple App Stores the Microsoft Store and Google play store.

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     mp3TrueEdit™ 3.2

mp3TrueEdit offers a clean and simple way to edit your MP3 and AAC audio files without losing any quality.

     mp3TrueEdit™ 3.2 (touch)

mp3TrueEdit touch is available on iPhone & Android mobile phones for quick and easy audio editing on the go.

     easy Record and Trim™ 3.2 (Free)

easy Record and Trim is a free app that allows you to record and trim your audio without losing any quality.

You may follow the links to download our apps via the Apple Mac App Store the Windows Store or the Google play store where available.  However, currently only apps downloaded via the Windows Store have a trial mode.

Please see our Legal page for more details on what our software apps do and for a copy of the software EULA.

User Comments

Here are some unsolicited user comments about mp3TrueEdit and “easy Record and Trim”.

★★★★★ - Excellent support "This is a great app and the support has been excellent on the few occasions I've had an issue that needed resolving."   ---- RLSpring, UK 26 Mar 2019 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Love it for dividing long recordings into tracks "Nutshell: It works perfectly and is full featured as far as dividing up long recordings, and probably full featured in general but I’m just using it to divide recordings. I’m a knowledgeable and hyper critical power user and I *hate* lame/buggy software and I love this one. If it has the features that you need I think you will find it useful."   ---- The Larry Brown, US 20 Feb 2019 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Good, simple alternative for podcast editing "I didn’t do a bunch of research before buying this, but needed to do some simple track edits to an MP3 file that was produced by our audio engineer.  Thought about trying GarageBand, could not figure out how to get rolling.  Tried mp3TrueEdit.   Installed quickly, works as advertised, have not had any problems in 2+ years of using it.   I do simple podcast editing with the software: load an existing MP3 file, append files, select segments and delete them and export as a new MP3...."  ---- Bunnyman63,US 26 Jun 2018 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Used to edit song to 3:10, no issues "I used this to whittle down a 4 minute song to 3:10, no problems at all. works great, easy to learn, more features than most other programs i found. I'd buy again."   ---- Evatc, US 8 Jun 2018 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Works flawlessly "Works great for editing mp3 and m4a files with NO RE-ENCODING - so there is no quality loss from re-encoding.Some functionality is not straightforward - you will need to read the manual. However everything works as expected. I’ve edited around 20 files so far with no problems."   ---- moose0421, Canada 10 Feb 2018 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Fast and easy "It’s fast and easy to use. I use it to trim recordings of rehearsals or sessions down to the appropriate pieces for learning purposes. Works great."   ---- choralitude, US 6 Oct 2017 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - PERFECT "Great for lossless cutting of audio files. Excellent interface and does *exactly* what you need it to"   ---- znoby, US 30 Jul 2016 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Good Free App "Needed an audio editing application in a hurry to locate and clip audio clips from a 12 hour long recording. This application not only made it easier to find the sections of audio with more activity it allowed me to indicate a start and end location on the master recording to clip out the sections I wanted into a seperate file. This application is working wonderfully for my needs and only wish there was a way to filter out background noises, not sure if that is a feature on the full application or not as I am only using the free version. Yes, there are pop ups with tips but if you take the time to look there is a setting to turn them off. Overall a great free application!"   ---- loki2112 - Version - 2.1.4 - 21 Feb 2015 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Does what I need it to…easily "I purchased this APP to easily take files of my bands practices and shows (recorded on a Zoom H2n), and cut them into tracks that can easily be burned to CD, played individually, etc… This APP was super intuitive, easy to use, and allowd me to get this job done quickly and easily. (I do first convert the Zoom H2n's wav files to mp3 using a separate APP, not sure if this has made a difference for how fast and efficient this APP has been.)"   ---- clubpassimneedsbeer - Version - 2.1.4 - 18 Feb 2015 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Marvelous "for a free program this is great. Lot’s of help file pop ups - works just like they said. The folks who complained about the pop ups didn’t take the 30 seconds it took me to stop them. This is free folks. To complain about a free program - well, it’s just childish."   ---- deewelbmut - Version - 2.1.4 - 7 Feb 2015 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Works like a dream "I just used this lovely program to split some audio files into separate tracks and export to iTunes to create an album - worked like a dream, full marks."   ---- andylanebds - Version - 2.1.4 - 23 Dec 2014 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Works Great "Does exactly what it says and easy to use."   ---- LordChaos5000 - Version - 2.1.4 - 11 Nov 2014 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Does exactly what I need "I got it to trim heads and tails of MP3s without converting back and forth to WAV. Works great."   ---- Nathan Lively - Version - 2.1.4 - 27 Oct 2014 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - Straight forward and easy to use "Does the job with no hassle. I can trim one hour music lessons to the important bits. Great"   ---- derbeno - Version - 2.1.4 - 20 Oct 2014 --- Mac App Store

★★★★★ - finally someone created a very practical app. "Thanks guys Ive been looking a long time for something that works for our gig's GREAT JOB Thanks Johnnyray"   ---- classic touch - Version 2.0.1 - 7 Mar 2014 --- Mac App Store (USA)


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