You can view the new mp3TrueEdit 3.2 (touch) manual for Android and iOS devices using THIS link.
You can also download the latest manual for mp3TrueEdit 3.2 in PDF format by clicking on the PDF icon below:

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A. Installation

B. Supported Audio Formats

C. FAQ Guide

D. mp3TrueEdit Release Notes

A. Installation

1. System Requirements

mp3TrueEdit™ will currently run on iOS 14 and above, Android 8.0 and above, Windows 10 (1809 or later) or Apple macOS version 11 and above.  There are no specific memory or processor requirements but for editing very large audio files and projects (longer than two hours) then you may benefit from having more RAM and a faster CPU.

2. How To Install The Software

Our software can be installed from the authorized third-party stores shown in our Downloads page.

B. Supported Audio Formats

1) mp3TrueEdit™ is specifically written to handle MP3 files which are the most popular and compatible audio format.  However, it does not currently support the ‘MP3 Pro’ or ‘MP3 free format’ versions of MP3 which are not widely used.

2) AAC files are now also supported and files with extensions .aac, .m4a, .m4b and .mp4 containing AAC audio can also be edited without quality loss in mp3TrueEdit.  Currently only unprotected AAC LC mono and stereo files are supported (the most popular AAC format) .

C. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide

Please click here to access the FAQ page.

D. mp3TrueEdit Release Notes

mp3TrueEdit 3.2.8 - released 30th December 2023

1) Fixed hang issue after converting audio.
2) Downgraded problematic Qt library version to 6.6.0.

mp3TrueEdit 3.2.7 - released 21st December 2023

1) Major UI library upgrade.
2) Other UI and usability improvements.
3) Other improvements and bug fixes.

mp3TrueEdit 3.2.6 - released 1st July 2023

1) Fixed missing track number in exported/converted tracks.
2) Fix for "failed to write aac frame" error due to inaccurate timing info.
3) Fix intermittent hang on macOS audio playback.
4) Other improvements and bug fixes.

mp3TrueEdit 3.2.5 - released 23rd February 2023

1) Added Dark Mode support (macOS/iOS/Android).
2) Other improvements and bug fixes.

mp3TrueEdit 3.2.4 - released 1st November 2022

1) Stability fixes for macOS Ventura.

mp3TrueEdit 3.2.1 - released 21th July 2022

1) Increased maximum album artwork size to 600x600 pixels.
2) Stability improvements.
3) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 3.2.0 - released 12th May 2022

1) Fixed a freezing issues on iOS and later Apple hardware (e.g. iPhone 12/13 Max Pro).
2) Fixed playback only issue for some 320kbps MP3 files.
3) Added the ability to set Album Artwork for projects and tracks.
4) Allow deleting of project files that fail to load.
5) Fixed importing albums tacks from iOS/iTunes with wrong order
6) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 3.1.7 - released 9th Dec 2021

1) Improved the loading of MP3 files that are partially corrupted or invalid.
2) Other bug fixes and enhancements

mp3TrueEdit 3.1.6 (Android) - released 24th Nov 2021

1) Fixed "Save Project" command crashing for a new project name.
2) Fixed file picker entering a name where the virtual keyboard was in the way.
3) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 3.1.5 - released 28th Jun 2021

1) Released mp3TrueEdit touch for iPhone / iPad.

mp3TrueEdit 3.1.1 - released 3rd Apr 2021

1) Added free volume increase and decrease functions to mobile app.
2) Fixed accessing external storage in Android 10 and above.
3) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 3.1.0 - released 10th May 2020

1) Added 'Convert ...' commands to convert edited audio, including pitch and tempo changes, to saved audio files
2) Other bug fixes and enhancements

mp3TrueEdit 3.0.7 - released 18th Oct 2019

1) Improved tag loading and editing
2) Other bug fixes and enhancements

mp3TrueEdit 3.0.6 - released 7th Apr 2019

1) Fixed an issue where startup failed for some users.
2) Fixed an issue where sandboxing information can be lost

mp3TrueEdit 3.0.5 - released 1st Oct 2018

1) Fixed an issue playing or exporting two or more joined AAC (.m4a) files
2) Other usability improvements and bug fixes.

mp3TrueEdit 3.0.4 - released 20th Dec 2017

1) Fixed an issue exporting AAC audio from 2 or more joined files.
2) Other usability improvements.

mp3TrueEdit 3.0.3 - released 29th Nov 2017

1) Fixed issue running on macOS 10.13.1 (High Sierra).
2) Smoother scrolling during playback.
3) Works better on retina displays.
4) Added a playback loop function.
5) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 3.0.0 - released 28th May 2015

1) Initial release of 'touch' interface for Android devices only.

mp3TrueEdit 2.1.5 - released 19th Mar 2015

1) Fixed the licensing wizard not showing the free trial option after startup.
2) Made the popup help messages easier to cancel with stop and show next buttons.
3) Other bug fixes and enhancements.
mp3TrueEdit 2.1.4 - released 25th Sep 2014
1) Fixed VU meter lights.
2) Fixed playback on multi-channel audio interfaces (now uses channels 1 + 2).
3) Fixed Track edit shortcuts keys on macOS:
4) (Track start=Alt+R, Track end=Alt-K, Track split=Alt+P, Delete track=Alt+D)
5) Fixed recording issues when using 24bit LAME MP3 recording on Windows.
6) Fixed a project file (.mteproj) corruption when saving MP3 projects with inserted silence.
7) Improved sandboxing support on Mac App Store version.
8) Fixed Unicode file support issue when double clicking on an audio file in Windows.
9) Fixed not being able to run the licensing dialog during the fully functional trial period.
10) Fixed a recording reliability issue on some macOS systems.
11) Fixed an playback issue while scrubbing AAC files with inserted silence. 12) Updated toolbar button link for rating mp3TrueEdit.

mp3TrueEdit 2.1.3 - released 14th Mar 2014

1) Fixed an error message when using the "ACM MP3 Codec" in the Record dialog.
2) Fixed the audio display screen height changing after entering the Options dialog.
3) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 2.1.2 - released 19th Feb 2014

1) Added popup guides to introduce new features.
2) Added playback pitch and tempo adjustment controls (for playback only - not saved).
3) Added playback volume level control.
4) Improved 'scrubbing' of audio during playback.
5) Improved playback and recording robustness.
6) Fixed inaccurate metadata when exporting some CBR or VBR files.
7) Improved auto detection of the LAME encoder on the Mac App Store version.
8) No longer setting mp3TrueEdit as the default editor for supported audio files.(use 'Open With' or 'Get Info' to change this - see our website FAQ page for more details).
9) Added a 'File | Close' command.
10) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 2.0.0 - released 10th Jul 2013

1) Now supports AAC* as well as MP3 files.
2) Edit unprotected .aac, .m4a, .m4b files or even AAC audio from .mp4 movies.
3) Added AAC audio recording.
* Currently only unprotected AAC LC mono and stereo files are supported (the most popular AAC format)

mp3TrueEdit 1.2.0 - released 1st Feb 2013

1) Can double-click track to edit track details.
2) Can click on track to select whole of track (for further operations).
3) Added option for playing selection using space bar.
4) Added time rulers that can also be used for easy navigation.
5) Added a Preferences option to allow customizing of the next/previous page and block jump times.
6) Fixed recording issues for long recording times.
7) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 1.1.2 (Win) - released 21st Nov 2012

1) Now certified for Windows 8.
2) Automatically enables the Fraunhofer Pro MP3 Codec on Windows if available.
3) Fixed a bug when exporting tracks where automatic track numbers in file names were always generated.
4) Now uses the default installed PDF Viewer to view the Help Manual.
5) Now uses the LAME dynamic link library for recording MP3 if available.

mp3TrueEdit 1.1.1 - released 21st May 2012

1) Fixed a bug that may have caused inaccurate displays of play position or selected span times for files longer than 1 hour.
2) Added an automatic check for new versions which will display a dialog with a link to any new versions available.
3) Other bug fixes and enhancements.

mp3TrueEdit 1.1.0 - released on 7th April 2012

1) Added a map view showing the entire contents of the MP3 file. This also shows a window indicating the currently visible part of the file.
2) Added Trackpad scrolling and zoom support. Using the shift key will now also scroll and zoom vertically.
3) Zoom in/out buttons added to toolbar. Using the shift key as well will zoom in and out vertically.
4) Improved MP3 recording with an input level slider and 24 bit recording if supported by the audio interface.
5) Improved memory usage.
6) Fixed time counter error for files larger than 2 hours.
7) Other bug fixes and enhancements.